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Welcome to Aquasphere

Aquasphere provides the Next Generation Water treatment solutions for Raw Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Ultrapure Water production and Point of Use Water Purification.

Our goal is to provide De-centralized water treatment solutions that:

  • Can be easily deployed in a small community or village
  • Use clean methods (no-chemicals) in its process
  • Consume No power or very low power during the process
  • Simple to use requiring no expertise to operate (almost totally automatic)
  • Has a very low operating cost per liter
  1. These products have been built in collaboration with leading technology providers across the globe with an aim to give you safe and clean water for all your needs be it household, hospitals, hotels, industries or rural water drinking centers.

    Staying committed to our philosophy of providing truly Green solutions, Our Products don’t use any chemicals during water treatment, this results in low consumable costs and absolute safe discharge process ensuring cleaner environment in places we operate.

    Our products consume very low power making it feasible to operate using alternate energy solutions like solar or wind energy.

    And most importantly our products waste much lesser water as compared to any other solutions in the market thereby conserving more water in an already water starved situation.

    It is time to change and to adopt solutions that are truly sustainable. Call or email us to know more – we will help you Reverse your Wastage !



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Latest News

  • January 2013: Aquasphere launches series of products for Raw water treatment using CDI technology – commissions India’s first Point of Entry based treatment plant for communities
  • November 2012: Aquasphere launches Rural Drinking water program to encourage social entrepreneurs
  • September 2012: Aquasphere and Idropan enter into an agreement to produce decentralized desalination systems using Plimmer technology
  • September 2012: Aquasphere and SA Envitech enter into agreement to introduce RECAM for waste water treatment
  • August 2012: Aquasphere collaborates with University of South Carolina for Solar based Rural Drinking water programs
  • February 2012: Aquasphere and Swiss Cleanwater group enter into an agreement for promoting Swiss Cleanwater Machines in India

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