Vijay Sampath,  Managing Director

Vijay Sampath

Vijay is the founder & CEO of Aquasphere Greentech Solutions, a Private Limited incorporated in Bangalore, India.

A Mechanical engineer from the Mysore University, Vijay founded Aquasphere after spending over 25 years in the field of information technology.

While in IT, Vijay held various senior management positions in India and abroad and has been involved in setting up businesses ground-up, bringing in an entrepreneurial approach to business whilst balancing innovation and creativity against a strong bottom-line focus.

At Aquasphere, Vijay spearheads the product development, introduction and strategic business for the company.

Ashok Patil Athnoor,  Director, Strategic Business

Ashok Patil Athnoor

"Guruji Ashok" spearheads the strategic business for Aquasphere.

An entrepreneur by heart, Ashok has helped many companies grow from a start up stage to profitability in real quick time. Fun loving and lively, Ashok balances spirituality and business in a unique way to ensure that the path to profitability is really ethical and enjoyable.

Ashok holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Gulbarga University.

Chandra Shekhar,  Director, Business Development

Chandra Shekhar

Chandru drives the revenue for Aquasphere. Versatile and tireless, Chandru works with our channel partners and direct customers to deliver the best solution for water treatment for their requirement.

Chandru holds an MBA from Bangalore university.

Tanuja Vijay,  Director, Finance

Tanuja Vijay

Tanuja heads the finance and administration functions for the company. Being involved in the start-up and running of Aquasphere since inception, she is the "Conscious keeper" for the organization, ensuring things are conducted in a right manner within the company.

Tanuja holds a degree in Commerce from the Bangalore University.